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This New Impressive Personal Finance Assistant Could Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster

by Ramona Peck

Most Americans fail to manage their finances. Indeed, a 2018 survey found that 55 % of respondents felt lost in long-term financial planning. Moreover, less than half of respondents could clarify a 401 K concept, 48% could describe interest, and only 34% could confidently clarify how inflation works. More significantly, while most Americans build budgets for themselves, 70 percent say they fail to stick to them!

Keeping track of the money in and out of your accounts doesn’t have to be a heavy burden. In fact, there are a number of resources that can make the process undeniably simple.

One great choice is Toshl Finance. This intuitive program is your personal financial assistant. With Toshl, you can easily mention your expenditures, revenue, and goals using accurate budgets to help track every dollar in your bank accounts. Plus, since the software operates internationally with over 13,000 banks and financial services, you can easily set up automated spending.

And setting-up is extremely simple. As Toshl puts it, it’s only 4 taps: enter the number, click next, enter the category, and click save! It’s very easy.

Currently, with 1,400 + reviews on the Apple App Store, Toshl Finance Pro is rated at 4.7/5 stars. On the Google Play Store, the accolades are even more impressive, with a 4.5/5-star rating of 28,000 ratings.

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