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7 Best Online Dollar Stores For Amazing Deals

by Tara Robinson
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Let’s face it. We all need to find a way to save money, and that includes shopping for items we normally buy at the grocery store. There are some fabulous online dollar stores out there with amazing deals on everything from food, household goods, pet supplies, clothes and more! Check out these 7 great places online for a fun shopping experience without the hassle of going in person!

The Best Dollar Stores To Find Great Deals On The Internet

1. Dollar Fanatic

Dollar Fanatic is a hybrid between an online dollar store and a wholesale store, allowing it to be a cost-effective alternative to buy in bulk or in smaller quantities.

Dollar Fanatic seems to be a disorganized website at first sight. There are, however, a variety of deal categories, including:

  • Dollar Fanatic catalog
  • 50%-off products

You can shop by category as well. Dollar Fanatic sells a variety of seasonal items such as cosmetics, equipment, games, food, and household essentials. There’s also a common segment of the site where you could save up to 90% on popular DVD and Blu-ray titles. Due to the advent of video platforms including Netflix and Hulu, this segment is a little out of date. If you ever decide to purchase DVDs, though, it’s worth a look.

Dollar Fanatic’s 11 for $10 deals are one of their exclusive selling points. On this tab, you can purchase ten items for $10 and get the eleventh one for free. You can buy a variety of items and still get the free thing. Although the selection isn’t always plentiful, if you choose a few items that you need often, you can buy in bulk and save money. Another incentive to purchase in bulk is that shipping is free for purchases above $35.

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2. Dollar General

Dollar General is the largest rival of Dollar Tree, with over 16,000 outlets in 46 states. Dollar General, including Dollar Tree, has about all you need, plus a number of in-house products.

Dollar General, on the other hand, has a larger selection of discounts and rebates than Dollar Tree. To begin, go to the sales page and look for a weekly catalog of discounted items. There are also rebate coupons on this website that encourage you to save a few bucks when you spend a certain sum on different Dollar General categories. It’s a simple way to save money if you buy in bulk.

When you build an account with Dollar General, you’ll be able to use weekly digital and in-store offers on their website. If you choose mobile shopping, you can download the DG app to view coupons and weekly advertisements, build shopping lists, watch your cart total, and even save up to 10%.

If that isn’t enough, you can even save 5% on recurring Dollar General deliveries by using DG AutoDeliver. It’s close to Amazon Subscribe & Save in that it allows you to subscribe in order to save money and time. If you pay $25 or more, you can save 5% and get free delivery. DG AutoDeliver, on the other side, may be found in a number of situations:

  • Oral care
  • Health
  • Baby needs
  • Food
  • Cleaning products
  • Pet supplies

DG Shave Crew also offers moderately priced razors. This razor subscription service costs $3.65 for two five-blade replacement cartridges and includes a free handle. Dollar General also collaborates with money-saving extensions such as Honey and Capital One Shopping to make it easy to locate discount codes and win discounts for shopping.

Dollar General is one of the strongest online dollar stores to visit since it provides several opportunities to save money as well as a diverse product list.

3. Rosegal

Rosegal is an online apparel brand which focuses on plus-size women’s apparel. For a comprehensive catalog, the platform even offers men’s clothes, swimwear, hairpieces, jewelry, and accessories. Rosegal isn’t a typical dollar store, but it’s a great place to go if you want to save money on clothes.

Rosegal does have a deal zone for items starting at $0.99, which is typical of a dollar store. Apparel for $0.99 is normally difficult to come by, although shoes and jewelry are available. You should also check at offers for $2.99 and $4.99. Other apparel are normally discounted from 30% to 50%, which is also a significant discount.

Additionally, if you buy with the app, you can save an additional 5%. Joining Rosegal’s Points Mall loyalty scheme will help you save money if you shop there quite often. You will be paid in R points for doing different activities, such as:

  • Shopping at Rosegal
  • Signing in daily
  • Writing reviews for products you purchase
  • Verifying your email and uploading a profile photo

Rosegal vouchers can be paired with R points at the register, and 50 R points are valued $1. Many clothing sales pay hundreds of R points, so the savings add up easily. Rosegal always promotes frequent sales and new users will receive up to $80 off their first four purchases.

Rosegal’s high-end luxury finds would not transform your closet. However, if you’re searching for low-cost apparel and accessories starting at $0.99, this site is worth bookmarking.

4. Dollar Tree

With over 15,000 stores throughout the United States and Canada, Dollar Tree is one of the leading dollar store chains in North America. Family Dollar, another quickly expanding dollar store chain in the United States, is also operated by the company.

Anything in the dollar store used to cost $1. However, several dollar store products are now more costly than they used to be. Thankfully, Dollar Tree has held loyal to the vision of “all for $1,” making it one of the only remaining true dollar stores.

Dollar Tree, like every other major dollar store, offers a wide range of products, including:

  • Seasonal products
  • Grocery items, frozen meals, and snacks
  • Beauty supplies
  • Clothing
  • School supplies
  • Household essentials

Because of its wide selection, Dollar Tree is sure to provide a low-cost choice for several of the products you’re considering. There are also several ways to save money and make shopping simpler.

To start, the weekly advertising segment highlights new product launches as well as special categories that they want to support. It’s a quick way to get seasonal goods and fresh inventory for just $1.

For online purchases, Dollar Tree provides free in-store delivery. If you ship to a particular address, each item has a different delivery fee depending on shipment size and weight, so picking up your order in-store is preferred. You can still save money by buying in bulk online at Dollar Tree, making the annoyance of in-store delivery worthwhile.

Dollar Tree, sadly, does not recognize online coupons. Shopping browser extensions such as Honey and Rakuten, on the other hand, enable you to receive cash-back rewards when you shop online. It’s tough to find a great price when you mix these advantages with the value you get by shopping at Dollar Tree.

5. Dollar Store

Dollar Store is yet another website to seek out if you’re searching for a simple online dollar store with a lot of discounts.

The Dollar Store makes it straightforward, with nearly everything on the web costing between one and five dollars. Dollar Store, like its rivals, sells thousands of items in hundreds of categories. You will usually find a cheaper online edition of something you’d generally purchase in a supermarket.

Another option to save is to go to the Dollar Store’s clearance department. However, it is the website’s only discount section. Dollar Store doesn’t lose time on confusing shopping pricing tiers or reward card points. Their whole website is now really low-cost.

For transactions of $25 or more, shipping is guaranteed. Dollar Store ships overseas as well, but foreign shipments can take longer and cost more.

If you’re hunting for discounts, promotions, or cash-back perks, Dollar Tree and Dollar General are ideal picks. Dollar Store is one of the better online choices to try if you choose to keep it simple.

6. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar General has a shaving subscription program, making it one of the only online dollar stores offering one. Dollar Shave Club, on the other hand, is a good option if you only need razors and shaving supplies.

Dollar Shave Club is a well-known razor subscription program. It encourages members to have a perfect shave without spending a fee. Dollar Shave Club’s shave starter kits arrive at $40, but this isn’t where it shines.

Subscribing to regular Dollar Shave Club blade deliveries is the best way to keep shaving affordable. Depending on the amount of blades you choose, there are three monthly packages to choose from:

  • The Humble Twin. Two-blade razor and five razor cartridges for $4 per month
  • The 4x. Four-blade razor and four razor cartridges for $7 per month
  • The Executive. Six-blade razor and four razor cartridges for $10 per month

These are more expensive than DG Shave Crew. However, the blades are high-quality, and you also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with your razor. With free shipping, discounts for purchasing more products, and the ability to earn up to 5% cash back from Rakuten, there are several ways to get a premium razor for less through Dollar Shave Club.

7. H&J Closeouts

H&J Closeouts is a great place to search for wholesale items online. If Dollar Fanatic’s offers aren’t enough for you, H&J Closeouts brings the concept to a whole new dimension.

H&J Closeouts allows you to buy goods by the case to save money on bulk purchases. Since you can purchase inventory at a discount before marking up the rates, this is perfect for any serious eBay seller, Amazon seller, or dropshipping shop. Specific users, on the other hand, can still find ways to invest.

Many items are priced between $0.05 and $0.15 per piece. Of course, you’ll need an excuse other than saving money to purchase 500 crayons or 250 batteries, but the opportunity to do so exists. H&J Closeouts will help you save money by restocking widely purchased items whether you’re an instructor, office manager, or special events organizer.

Shipping within the United States is open, and H&J Closeouts even ships globally. This wholesaler’s website isn’t for everybody. If you need to buy in bulk, though, you won’t find a better bargain.

Final Thoughts

For most of our everyday needs, we’re getting used to buying on Amazon or other e-commerce behemoths. It makes no difference if you’re looking for clothes, pet food, or daily necessities that will last a week – why go out and spend time and resources when it’s all right there waiting?

However, the next time you buy digitally, take a moment to think about different online dollar store prices. Item choice and assured affordability have always been the appeal of the dollar store model, and this is now so for online retailers.

And if you haven’t been to a dollar store in a while, there’s no excuse you can’t reap the perks of dollar store shopping from the convenience of your own house.

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