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Here Is How You Can Save Money On Electric Bills This Summer

by Tara Robinson
How You Can Save Money on Electric Bills This Summer

During the fall and spring seasons, how much do you normally spend on electricity? Is it true that this amount rises every summer when the weather gets warmer? That’s because you’re not deliberately trying to minimize the amount of electricity you use, and the air conditioner is the primary source of the rise in energy prices.

This is a challenge that many people, including those on a tight budget, face. Although your energy bill can rise in the summer, there are several strategies you can use to keep costs down. Here are a few tips to help you save money on your energy bill this summer:

Set Your Air Conditioner No Lower Than 78 Degrees

Although this might seem to be way too hot for the summer, you may be shocked to hear that it is just cool enough. Most people choose 72 degrees Fahrenheit, or much lower in certain situations.

It’s your call, however, the lower you go, the bigger the energy bill would be. Programmable thermostats will help you regulate the temperature more while you are out at work, and keep it colder while you are home at night.

Purchase a Whole-House Fan

This might not be feasible in certain parts of the world because these fans are only effective in some climates, but in many others, it is a fantastic idea that few people take advantage of.

The concept is simple: a whole house fan is essentially an exhaust fan that suctions hot air from your home via the attic. Then, rather than turning on the air conditioner, you should keep the windows open to cool the house and enjoy a breeze.

Replace the Air Conditioner’s Filter

Did you realize that a clogged air conditioner filter will stifle airflow? As a consequence, your air conditioner may have to work harder to circulate cold air in your house.

As a result, you would have an unreliable device that will cost you a lot of money. Once a month, several filters must be replaced. Check the unit’s manual to see what is suggested.

Keep the Windows Covered

Which of your home’s windows receives the most light? Make sure you purchase blinds or curtains to cover them after you’ve answered this question. You will prevent some of the heat from entering your home by doing this.

Forget About the Air Conditioning and Head To the Basement

It is fair to assume that if you have a basement in your house, it is much hotter in the summer than that of the upper floors. If you spend much of your time below ground level, you would be able to switch your AC off or at least adjust it higher.

Plant Some Trees

This will not help you for a few years, but it will eventually save you money. Your air conditioner can work more smoothly if it is shaded by a tree.

Additionally, trees that shade your home from the sun (particularly windows) can hold the heat outside. It’s the time of year where the temperature begins to really heat up.

Follow the six recommendations above unless you want to pay a hefty energy bill. They’ll help you save money over the summer months so you can put it into house projects and family trips!

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