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Earny Review (2021): How The Earny App Could Help You Save Money While Shopping

by Dale Thompson
Earny Review

Online shopping is fantastic in so many ways. For example, there’s a virtually limitless range of products that can arrive at your door. The disadvantage is that you never know if you’re having the best deal. Worse still, when you make the order… to discover that your item’s price was reduced the next day!

Earny is an app & browser plugin that will help you escape annoyance by securing refunds on products that have dropped in price. Please keep reading to find out more about how it performs.

What Exactly Is Earny?

Earny is a shopping app that lets you make sure you’re not squandering your money. When you shop online, it can help you get up to 20% cashback and claim refunds if prices drop after you buy. It also comes with a browser extension.

When you use Earny, you won’t have to think about always hunting for the right offers. It would help if you shopped anytime you like, and Earny can guarantee that you receive the same discount whenever you skip a deal.

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How Does Earny Function?

Credit: Earny

Earny is very easy to use. The software is available for iPhone and Android, as well as a chrome plugin for your computer.

To start, install the Chrome browser extension for Earny.

After that, you’ll need to create an account. Earny would suggest that you connect with your email address.

When you add your email, you’ll see the permissions Earny is requesting. Once you decide to link it to your Gmail account, it will request your permission to:

Credit: Google
  • View your email inbox and account settings.
  • Get email delivered on your behalf.
  • Send emails and manage drafts.

That’s a ton of demands for a newly downloaded app. Beware of any app that asks for this much access to your email address. At that stage in the signup phase, I opted to use a different email address since I already had it linked to other resources and didn’t want to risk a data breach.

For more information about how Earny uses your data, see their terms of use and privacy policy, but rest assured that they do not sell it to third parties.

You might feel far more secure giving such permissions if you use a disposable email. In reality, it’s usually a brilliant idea to establish a different email address for online shopping that isn’t used for anything else.

Bind Earny to the email address you use to buy online since this is how it detects refunds for you.

Earny searches your mailbox for digital shopping receipts and seamlessly compares them to price drops and promotions when you link them to your email. It is always on the lookout for price changes on the website. Earny secures the difference for you as it finds a cheaper option.

Earny only deals for brands that it has collaborated with. However, with over 5,000 of them, there’s a decent probability that your favorite store is an Earny buddy. Often keep in mind that price protection does not apply to perishable goods like groceries.

How Much Does Earny Cost?

Earny is available for $19.99 a year or less than $2 a month. At that price, Earny predicts you’ll get $200 worth of value.

Features of Earny

Earny has a lot of appealing features, as well as some extra benefits.

Price protection

Earny’s price protection is perhaps the most attractive aspect. You’ll never have to think about timing a purchase again if you connect your inbox. Shop when you’re able, and Earny will receive your money if your item goes on sale later. Earny’s 15+ significant retailers, according to Earny’s help website, give up to 90 days of price protection; make sure the email you use to register with Earny is the same as the one you use with the store. Earny will secure the difference for you even though a product goes up for sale two months from now.

Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, Costco, Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, J. Crew, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Nike, Nordstrom, Target, Zappos, and Home Depot all accept Earny’s price protection.

Cash Back

In addition to monitoring price drops, the Earny app helps you to receive cashback for your orders. If you make a transaction, your cash return will start as Awaiting in the Earnings tab for 30-90 days before switching to Present. After that, you can cash out your earnings until you’ve earned at least $15 in cashback. 

Alerts & Price Tracking

Add an item to your Earny Watchlist to be alerted when the price drops so you can act quickly to take advantage of the lower price.

Amazon Late Shipping

Have you ever been disappointed by Amazon delivery that didn’t arrive when it was supposed to? Even if you aren’t a Prime member, Earny can help you get a refund (up to $15) from Amazon right away if anything like this happens to you.

My Experience With Earny

Earny appeals to me because it helps me to buy online without needing to wait for deals. Even if the sale doesn’t commence until the following Tuesday, I occasionally want to buy something on a Thursday. I don’t have to wait for a discount anymore because of Earny. I can shop anytime it’s best for me, and Earny can take care of the rest.

However, I’ll still be hesitant to hand over my email inbox to an app, even though it’s how the app saves me money!

Who Is Earny the Most Suitable For?

Earny has a lot to give right now, particularly if you’re looking for:

Easy refunds

Instead of hoping for a discount, please buy what you need when you need it. Earny can double-check if you didn’t overpay.

Cash Back on Online Shopping

If you’re going to shop online regardless, you may as well do so with Earny, where you can get up to 20% cashback.

You won’t be relegated to strange products or shops that you’ve never heard about. Earny works with trustworthy, well-known brands that you’re already acquainted with (and probably already have an account with).

Who Shouldn’t Use Earny?

If you can’t pay the annual membership charge or aren’t much of an online shopper, Earny isn’t for you. If that’s the case, you do not see enough benefits to warrant the cost.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using Earny


  • Well-known retailers: Earny only deals for shops that you’ll like to shop at.
  • Get your money back: Don’t go shopping without it; it’s free cash!
  • Amazon refunds for late delivery: You will be reimbursed if your shipments arrive late.
  • Refunds for overpayments are made automatically: If the price of anything rises, you’ll get a refund.


  • Concerns over privacy: To see your mailbox and send mail, Earny needs a lot of permissions.
  • The fee is charged once a year: You are investing $20 a year in order to save money.

Earny vs. Competitors

Earny isn’t the only money-saving app around. See how it compares to the competition.

EarnyMyPointsSwagbucksCapital One Shopping
Available InBrowser Extension, AppBrowser Extension, AppBrowser Extension, AppBrowser Extension, App
Primary FeaturesRefunds & CashbackCredit EarningCredit EarningCodes For Coupons


MyPoints is a money-saving software that encourages you to win gift cards and shop credit by taking surveys and playing sports.

While buying online isn’t the main objective of the MyPoints site, you can use their portal to receive cashback in the form of credits that you can cash out later. MyPoints also partnered with 1,900 brands to give cashback for your online purchases.


Swagbucks, like MyPoints, rewards you for doing things like taking surveys and viewing videos. However, they still enable you to purchase with them and receive cashback.

Swagbucks allows you to win cashback from online stores. However, you can still receive cashback if you shop in-store at one of their in-store affiliate outlets, such as PetSmart or H&M. That comes in handy if you’d rather go shopping instead of waiting for your order to be shipped.

Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping‘s claim of fame is that it can help you browse the internet for working coupon codes, enabling you to save money while shopping online. If you’re shopping on a laptop, you can use the chrome plugin or download the app to collect prizes when shopping.

Capital One Shopping even provides a universal product search, which scans hundreds of various stores for your favorite product to locate the best deal. It will also save the item to your Watchlist and get price updates when the price declines. Capital One Shopping, on the other side, does not go the extra mile like Earny and only lets you get a reimbursement once you’ve already ordered something.

Is Earny Safe?

Whether Earny is safe or not is a difficult question to address since it is too arbitrary. You grant Earny access to your email in order to use it. That takes a lot of faith in the business to think it can secure your data and not go overboard in its email processing.

Before using Earny, you can read its Privacy Policy and determine if it is acceptable. However, I feel it is dependent on what you are willing to risk. Earny poses no financial danger since it will just pass money to you rather than taking it out.

Access to your email poses a risk. You’re not handing away your password since the access is token-based. Though it’s plausible, I don’t believe Earny’s email access will really be used for unrestricted attacks or account takeovers.

The only real danger, in my opinion, is the risk to your privacy posed by email access. Only you can determine whether or not you’re willing to take the risk.

Earny Review: Final Verdict

Earny saves you the time and hassle of your online shopping to align with discounts and promotional offers. Shop whenever you like, and Earny will warn you if the price drops later. Its price protection guarantee doesn’t apply to everything (groceries and other perishables aren’t covered), so make sure the order fits under their requirements before proceeding, but for those who do, it gives a certain peace of mind. Earny does have an annual fee, so you can get at least as much back if you use it well.

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