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Budgeting For The New Year In 2021 During The Pandemic

by Tara Robinson
budgeting for the new year

Saying this holiday season looks nothing like what we planned could be a more fitting contrast to last year’s holiday season. Everything from our everyday lives to special events has been interrupted because of the coronavirus pandemic, and changes in our actions and lasting financial effects are likely to continue through the 2020 holiday season. For a typical year, it’s a daunting job to save money during the holidays, but this year will be a whole new challenge. This article looks at some of the key things to consider when budgeting for the new year during the pandemic.

It’s a pressing challenge many people are still thinking about. A survey of U.S. customers by One Mobile Bank found that 64 percent of people are feeling a greater sense of urgency about holiday spending this year, while a survey by Credit Karma found that 54 percent of consumers felt more financially anxious this year than last. With unemployment rates at record highs and uncertain financial prospects, the outlook for their financial future is poor.

It’s entirely possible to make it through the holiday season without losing your financial wellbeing. Although some customs have changed, simple traditions still remain. People are still excited for the holidays, and they want to spread joy and offer gifts.

The challenge will be in finding the best value in the holidays, while also being careful with money.

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Begin Making A Budget Before You Start Budgeting For The New Year

19 Ways During A COVID-19 Quarantine to Save Money – Start a Budget
If you haven’t already started a budget, you should. A budget only means constantly monitoring your revenue and expenditures. Each month or budget, you can do this by paycheck, just use a strategy that fits well for your brain.

If you like to do stuff manually, use a spreadsheet, but there are budgeting apps which will do the job for you.

PocketSmith has budget forecasting features that will show you how you will be affected tomorrow by today’s activities. See forecasts for up to 30 years in the future so that the spending can be changed for better results. You should carry out different budget adjustments as the income fluctuates, to see if you can cut back.

Customizable summaries that arrive in your inbox on a timetable you specify are another advantage of PocketSmith. You can also set up budget reminders so that when you may be at risk of spending too much, you will be conscious. To help you get a clearer image of your net worth, it also interacts with more than 12,000 financial institutions.

Contribute to an Emergency Fund for Yourself

You ought to have an emergency fund if you want to eliminate financial stress.

Based on your monthly living expenses, the amount of your emergency fund can vary, but aim to target at least three months of expenses. An emergency fund, such as a sudden job loss or a medical accident, may reduce the burden of an unexpected event.

Thanks to competitive interest rates and the independence from the fees banks normally charge as CIT Bank makes building savings simpler. This is another good consideration to make when budgeting for the new year.

But its Savings Builder, which provides tiered interest rates, is the most useful feature CIT Bank offers. To retain the highest interest rate, all you need to do is deposit $100 or more per month: 0.45 percent. This provides you with an opportunity to keep socking away money.

If you do not make a deposit for one month for any reason, you can still receive an interest rate of 1.06 percent. Which is better than you get from many lenders. You will receive a higher rate, whether you deposit or not after you’ve saved $25,000.

Explore Your Tax Choices

Due to the coronavirus, the tax deadline has been extended to July 15th. That means you have more time to do your taxes DIY if you do your taxes.

There are several different choices and I chose Credit Karma and TaxAct.

Credit Karma Tax

Credit Karma has worked on the tax software this year. It is easy to use and understand. They simplified the complex IRS code for someone who didn’t know accounting. This is something you should look into when you are budgeting for the new year.

It is free regardless of tax filing situation. You can see returns from both the federal and state governments. The tax parts are easy to use and the dashboard is helpful.


TaxAct helps you to file your taxes free. If you are a W-2 income earner, you could claim the earned income tax credit or the child care tax credit if you efile.

TaxAct is mobile-friendly. You should upload a photo of your W-2 to the dashboard. This feature decreases the risk of error if you were to manually enter your details.

The dashboard is structured and simple to use since the parts are different. That lets you start and stop your tax return any time. It has simple to follow directions.

Try Earning Extra Pocket Money

Often money makes you feel better during your holiday shopping. Thanks to the pandemic, programs have skyrocketed. Food delivery systems need people to support them and you can easily do this job on your own time.

Stores and service companies employ seasonal workers to assist with the holiday rush. These businesses provide fast training to get you started. When budgeting for the new year, consider earning some extra pocket money to add to your bank.

Surveys can be a good way to raise extra money. To enter the platform, one must collect points that can be exchanged for cash after hitting a certain number.

If you want to declutter, several applications and websites can resell things you no longer use. You can buy clothes, shoes, toys, and more from your phone without even leaving your house.

Cancel Unneeded Subscriptions

Before you cut the link, take a look at your subscriptions, memberships and other accounts and search to see if you no longer need any of them. Look to cancel recurring automatic, repetitive payments such as credit cards or home phone that you never use anymore.

Cancellations may be temporary and allow for a better price. If you choose to discontinue service, you may unsubscribe and may be eligible for a voucher, promotional rate or discount. Often consider subscribing to email statements instead of paper statements.

When you are budgeting for the new year, know that this and other moves were not made to avoid the pandemic, but to allow you more time to clean up afterward.

Find Coupons

You will find discounts on things you want this season. Discounts are valid for email list holders. Stores might also offer in-store discounts during the holiday season.

Some websites offer discounts for unique store locations. Digital flyers and coupons have some of the best offers you haven’t even known existed. Asking for a discount during the holiday season will save you money.


When budgeting for the new year, the right budget and attitude will hold you afloat throughout the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. When circumstances change dramatically, your budget will probably tighten. Be present to the problems at hand and assess the best possible budget.

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