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Paribus Review: The New Trendy Refund App

by Michael Webb
Paribus Review

Paribus is a really interesting online shopper app. The app allows its users to take advantage of various refund and discount schemes in major retailers and is almost completely effortless. Paribus is operated by Capital One (a large credit card company / bank).

Best of all, Paribus is absolutely free.

There are a number of services out there provided by retailers that most customers actually do not know about. Paribus is specifically designed to communicate with some of the most common online retailers (in the USA) and all accounts that it needs to access in order to do its job.

The platform is almost completely effortless, which means that they need to have unfettered access to all of your retail accounts, your inbox, and maybe even your bank account.

That last part sounds a bit freaky, doesn’t it?

If the thought of turning your kingdom keys to an app that doesn’t promise you something sounds a little off, you wouldn’t be the first person to think that way. Keep in mind that Paribus is operated by one of the largest credit providers in the USA!

What’s Paribus?

Paribus is like a well-informed retail assistant who never sleeps, knows all the rules, and constantly pours through your transactions to figure out whether a retailer owes you money.

It does seem a little weird that the app first demands so much access to your accounts, but once you get money back from online retailers such as Walmart, Paribus will really start growing on you.

Not only does Paribus know all the rules, it will also extend to you for all promotions and discounts. All you have to do is set up the app, and the rest of it will be done.

How Paribus is working

Let ‘s say you’re buying a new laptop from an online store, and a $100 discount appeared a week later. Not only did you pay extra, but it was also delayed when the company sent it to you.

Do you realize that you could get that $100 cash difference, and even a late shipping payment?

You may or may not know the exact  policies used on these online stores, but Paribus does.

When Paribus sees that there was a price drop on the laptop you purchased, and a delay in delivery, it’s going to take action. You could wake up with an email telling you there’s $100 + coming in your way, and you didn’t have to do anything more than just using Paribus App!

Paribus is almost definitely 100 percent up-and – coming, and if you buy a lot online, it might really be a huge help. Have you ever purchased an item, only to find it advertised a week later by the same retailer at a lower price?

Well, Paribus is explicitly designed to solve this dilemma.

Many major retailers have plans that will refund the difference between the selling price of an item and its reduced price over a defined period of time.

You probably remember seeing an item at a better price after you purchased it, but you may have overlooked some because you just didn’t pay attention to it.

Is Paribus for you?

Pay attention to this section whether or not you intend to use Paribus.

You might think online shopping is safe, but there are always risks. True, a person could recover from identity theft, but somehow it takes time and there’ll be a lot of trouble.

Any shopper could (and should) use the same safeguards as you would use to isolate Paribus online so that the highest degree of protection is achieved. If you have a single bank account that you use for everything, you’re playing a very dangerous game.

It’s very possible to risk your personal safety online. It’s difficult to tell what a bad actor will do with your details, but it’s not going to be healthy.

Is Paribus Legit?

If you’re afraid that Paribus is out to cheat you, it’s not going to happen. It’s easy to see why some people would be anxious about giving the app so much detail, and also the opportunity to read through their addresses, bank records, and online shopping accounts.

The fact that Paribus is free might even seem suspicious, but it’s all fine!

Paribus uses advanced encryption to ensure that your data remains secure.

According to the company, “Data is safely transmitted via bank-grade SSL (TLS 1.2) encryption. All confidential information stored will be encrypted using AES-256.

In addition, you should take several precautions to make sure that your online life is separated from the ‘real’ world.

Paribus pays to you directly

Paribus makes it extremely easy to collect payments. All you have to do is give the bank account details about the rebates and transfer the money to you.

There are no costs or penalties associated with the purchase, and they are usually submitted as soon as the retailer issues the refund. You will also receive an email from Paribus about what item is being repaid and why you owed the money.

Best of all, there is no minimum sum for a refund, which ensures that as soon as Paribus discovers any money you owe, you will be paid.

Staying in safety with Paribus

Let ‘s start with a bank account of more than one. If you choose to shop online or have a debit card that you use for online transactions, it would be a smart idea to have a dedicated bank account for your online activities.

Any damages that occur as a result of data theft will be limited to the amount of money you store in your specialty designated online bank account and may also be used for Paribus. It’s the same thing with email.

Paribus is set up to work with Gmail , Yahoo or Microsoft, so the organization wants to keep all the data super secure. You can set up a separate email account that you only use for online shopping, or something related to it.

Are you starting to get an idea of this?

Using isolated accounts for all your online shopping ensures that there is very little harm that hackers (or an app that’s gone mad) might do to your financial life. If you’re going to use Paribus, then go ahead and get your Capital One credit card. If the app goes evil, you can only tell Capital One that they need to get a grip on their product!

Seriously, if you look around for bad reviews of Paribus, you’re going to find people moaning that they didn’t get any money back. Paribus doesn’t guarantee any money to anybody, nor is it a magic pot of money. It can only demand money from merchants if they owe it to you, which is beyond the control of the app.

Paribus sounds cool, how am I going to sign up?

It’s pretty easy to use Paribus to demand any money you may owe. All you need to do is register with the email address you use for online shopping (or the one you’ve just set up, so you’re super secure online) and follow the instructions on how to complete the process.

Here’s what Paribus has to say about their access to your data:

“When you sign up for Paribus, you’ll find a blanket of permissions that we’re asking for. Of these, you’ll see the opportunity to read, write, and remove e-mails. Please understand, however, that Paribus does not delete your personal e-mails. This feature is only part of the covert permissions that your e-mail provider claims third party apps need to function properly.”

“We ask for the right to read e-mails due to the fact that Paribus detects your recent transactions by submitting confirmation e-mails that you receive from the merchants we control. We have web hooks in place so that we just scrape for the purchase of relevant e-mails from the merchants we’re tracking.”

“We are asking for the right to send e-mails so that we can contact retailers on your behalf when we find a price change for you. Unfortunately, we would not have been able to make such price changes if we submitted those requests by e-mail to Paribus, as we did not make the order.”

And you’ve got it there. Paribus needs wide-ranging authorization to access all kinds of confidential data so that it can demand money on your behalf from some of the biggest names in online shopping.

Paribus: Conclusion

Paribus fills a gap in your personal finances and could be worth adding money-saving applications to your suite.Keeping track of discounts and rebates is a real challenge, but no longer. You can use all of the apps listed in this article to fill any holes in your personal financial plan and make sure you get the most out of every dollar you spend.

When you see how much money these apps will put back in your wallet, you might wonder why your friends don’t use it every month to save money. The more you save, the more you can save, which is the way everyone can make a financial contribution.

As mentioned above, it is a good idea to have a bank account and an email address specifically for your online shopping. It’s going to make it easier for Paribus to do his work, and make sure you get all the money you can.

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